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Modern Masters of the Martial Arts

Modern Masters of the Martial Arts book Cover

Through the martial arts, masters are made. With that mastery, comes wisdom. What if you could have access to the knowledge of many experts of different Martial Art styles all in one place? Now you can with David Nemeroff’s book, Modern Masters Of The Martial Arts: Actions And Insights Into The World’s Classical Fighting Systems.

Modern Masters Of The Martial Arts not only gives you the opportunity to see real martial arts masters of many different styles in action captured with beautiful photography, it also shares their decades of wisdom with you. Each instructor was asked to give their thoughts into what makes their art distinct, and to show a technique that they felt exemplified the essence of their art. This book can be considered the modern go-to encyclopedia of the martial arts, because it brings to light the strategies, philosophies and insights of over fifty martial arts experts.

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