National Ninja Throwing League

National Ninja Throwing League is the first of its kind in regards to modern weapon throwing. So no matter whether you want to throw for fun or compete in our National League, we have something for you.


Have you ever wanted to find a place to throw Shuriken - NInja Stars or Bo Shuriken - Ninja Throwing Spikes or Knives but just didn't have a place to do it.  We will be hosting monthly events that will supply you with a place to learn how to throw, or perfect your craft. All with a positive, no pressure environment. So if you chose to just come on the weekends and become a marksman for you own desire, or you want to take your throwing to NEXT LEVEL we have the place for you.   Simply inquire below or email us and we will give you a call today.

National Ninja Throwing League (N.N.T.L.) Rules and Regulations!

First and foremost Safety is the main consideration. Make sure you have a large enough area for spectators and competitors and all safety rules are stringently adhered to. This association is to simply create a fun, ego-free atmosphere of brother and sisterhood of people from all walks of life and all skill levels who share a love of Chinese star and/or spike throwing.


1. Throwing Star Shuriken must be between 3”-4” in diameter.

2. Throwing Star Shuriken cannot have more than 4 points

3. Throwing Spikes should be no more than 6.5” in length

4. Open division Targets boards should be 2” thick 4’x4’ foam with three targets measuring 16” in diameter painted on them. There should be a plywood back for support.

5. Advanced division targets should be 4’x4’ pine wood with no foam in front. They should also have three targets measuring 16” in diameter painted on them.

Rules & Regulations

1. NEVER throw at a live target, EVER!

2. Know what is behind your target.

3. Competitors acknowledge they are responsible for their own safety.

4. Two people will stand at one target at a time. All people not throwing will stand to the side of the throwing area until shuriken have been all thrown and collected.

5. One person per target will throw one shuriken at a time, alternating between the two partners. Partners may only throw after the command “Ute,” or shoot in English, has been given.

6. People can throw freestyle with any preferred technique as long as it is safely executed.

7. People will not collect their shuriken until the instruction to “collect” is given.

8. Once all shuriken from all targets are collected, the next round of players will be asked to enter. People are not allowed to enter the throwing area until the “enter” command is given by the facilitator.

9. When two people are standing at a target, the player not throwing must stand a safe distance behind the player that is throwing.

10. Anyone not throwing must keep all shuriken down at his side or in a case.

Rank And Scoring

The scoring official determines final scoring and or disputes. He or she has the final say. Period.

You may test for free at ANY event we are at. You will be tested for accuracy on a percentage basis. Your results will be posted on our website shortly after with your new rank. There are two divisions:

1. Open Division – For the practitioner who is either a beginner or has some skill throwing into foam targets.

2. Advanced Division – People ranked as either Expert or Ninja in the Open Division may enter this division.

Ranks Are:

BEGINNER (Hit Targets 20% of throws) - you stick some and bounce some. You don't practice regularly but are always ready to give it a try! It's totally for the fun of it.

RONIN (Hit Targets 40% of throws) - You stick some whenever you throw, you're learning to control your accuracy, distances and style. You try to practice now and then or maybe regularly. Fun is the key but you definately are known as a knife or axe thrower.

MARKSMAN (Hit Targets 60% of throws) - High dedication. You practice semi regularly and usually stick most of the time. You may have a trick shot you are comfortable with. You throw for the fun of it and look to maintain or improve your skill.

EXPERT (Hit Targets 80% of throws)- You throw it, it sticks...when you want, where you want. You are proficient and capable of accurately correcting your own mistakes. You have your own target and have found a favorite knife/axe you like to throw with.

NINJA (Hit Targets 100% of throws) - Any target, any time...the bull's-eye is where you work; it's your comfort zone.

Scoring :

1. In a one-hour session, the first half will be for practice purposes. The second have will be the time to record points and number of hits.

2. In case of any disputes or questions, another designated person or thrower will be asked to confirm the scoring. Any thrower touching the shuriken before scoring will have that throw count zero after a suggested 1 verbal warning.

3. All throws must be done from behind a designated line. Anyone standing over the line after 2 verbal warnings will get a zero for that throw.

4. Each competitor has a responsibility to maintain an accurate record of their scores and then bring it to the Statistics Officer Holding the roster after each round.


1. 1. No horseplay, negligent acts, throwing/tossing/catching shuriken, etc. are allowed ever. Any participant engaging in an unsafe handling of shuriken will be disqualified, asked to leave without any refund, and not get ranking for that day.

2. Competitors will be disqualified for conduct that a Range Officer deems to be unsportsmanlike. Examples include, but are not limited to, cheating, dishonesty, failing to comply with the reasonable directions of a Match Official, or any behavior likely to bring the sport into disrepute. The Range Master must be notified as soon as possible.

3. Remember, this is a family oriented sport and the use of profanity will not be permitted at any time. Anyone using profanity will be disqualified.

4. Except when used for medicinal purposes, competitors and officials at matches must not be affected by drugs (including alcohol) of any sort during matches. Any person, who in the opinion of an official is visibly under the influence of any of the items described herein, will be disqualified from the match and may be required to leave the range.


1. Match organizers wishing to receive N.N.T.L. sanctioning must comply with the general rules and regulations of N.N.T.L., as well as target and course construction criteria. Those who do not comply with N.N.T.L. rules and regulations will not be sanctioned and cannot, therefore, publicize or announce the event as an N.N.T.L. event.

2. Targets deemed illogical, impractical, and/or unsafe will not be approved. Members can contact N.N.T.L. if there are any questions.

3. Any person applying for sanctioning and/or membership with the N.N.T.L. agrees they will not run or create non-sanctioned events, or compete with N.N.T.L. by creating their own organization, club or league utilizing projectile knives, shuriken, spikes,or small throwing projectiles.

4. Individuals wishing to hold an N.N.T.L. Sanctioned Throw should have some type of insurance or legal waiver to be signed by ALL participants and spectators or those wishing to try this sport, as it has inherent dangers and injuries may occur if safety and care are not practiced.

The N.N.T.L., associates, agents facilities are not responsible for any liability or damages incurred while ANYONE is hosting an N.N.T.L. Sanctioned Throw. It is the responsibility of the person(s) operating the throw to make sure they are protected legally.

5. Match Organizers do not speak on behalf of the N.N.T.L. Only David Nemeroff and his designated officials have permission to do so. N.N.T.L. does not endorse nor is it responsible for the practices, statements or opinions of the association members.

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